DVMEGA is a collective name for digital voice and data related kits and modules. At this moment C4FM, DMR and D-STAR is supported. In the future, more digital voice and data modes will be available.
Upgrade your DVMEGA to a C4FM, DMR and D-STAR hotspot by using the BlueDV or MMDVMhost application. The new firmware for your DVMEGA is free. DVMEGA can be connected to BlueDV via Bluetooth and ser2net. Ser2net is compatible with existing Raspberry PI - DVMEGA RPI radio setup. A Bluestack micro adaptor is available for upgrade of firmware and Bluetooth connection to your Android device. The micro adaptor is also available as program adaptor only without Bluetooth to load new firmware. 
More information on BlueDV application.
More information on BlueStack hardware.
Visit the Download page for firmware and instructions. BlueStack hardware will be available in the shop very soon.
These are the kits and modules that are currently available or will become available soon:
DV GMSK shield.

This GMSK shield is compatible with the Arduino UNO and MEGA.

The combination Arduino shield and GMSK is a complete GMSK modem that can be used on a PC or Raspberry PI. The modem supports hotspot and repeater functionality, half and full duplex mode. The radio get connected to the present (mini DIN) 9600 bps packet connection.
Raspberry PI radio hotspot.

The Raspberry PI radio hotspot is a module that you can install on your Raspbberry PI directly.

This module has a modem and a 10mW transceiver on board. In combination with a Raspberry PI you make your own stand-alone hotspot. The module is available in Single band (UHF) and dualband (VHF/UHF) version.
DV Dualband radio shield.

Also this shield is compatible with Arduino UNO or MEGA.

This module has a 10mW UHF and VHF transceiver on board. In combination with an Arduino you make your own stand-alone dual band hotspot. This module, together with the AMBE3000 forms the basis for a self-assembly D-Star kit transceiver.

The AMBE3000 creates the digital / analog, and vice versa, conversion and coding of the microphone and loudspeaker signal. This board can be used as a AMBE Dongle as well.



DVMEGA Host. (Comming soon)

DVMEGA Host can be used in conjunction with DVMEGA raspberry PI radio (Single or Dualband). DVMEGA is placed on top of the DVMEGA Host carrierboard.

At this moment, DMR host is running on a ESP8266. It only need power via micro USB. Stand alone and config via webinterface. DVMEGA Host will boot and connect to master within 5 sec.

More digital modes will be availble soon.



DVMEGA Cast. (Comming soon)

AMBE3000 based Multimode IP radio for DMR, D-Star and Fusion. Based on standard DVMEGA AMBE3000. Radio has a powerfull 3 Watt enclosed speaker and according amplifier. Rotary encoder and 2.4" touchscreen for operation. Host system is based on Nano-PI.











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